Prachinburi restaurants Delicious, so can not stop eating

25 July 2019 posted: 10:13 pm

Ban Nern Nam Food Park

Description : From the first to the restaurant at the water's going to suit her sweetheart, friends and families come to eat delicious food around the antilock that guarantee delicious words filled with lavish menu Browse to continue this process. but the "prawn burn" texture and served with a dipping sauce, seafood and cool , "Curry fish Ball" intensely delicious spices to taste , and the "fish fry soft" delicious poverty. Not hold Is considered one of the most famous restaurants in Prachinburi Province that anyone here Must check in the deliciousness

Address : 1032 Moo 8, Suwannasorn Road, Mueang Kao Subdistrict Kabin Buri District, Prachinburi Province

Phone Number : 08 1921 5643

Website : https : // www . facebook . com / bannernnam /

Food garden by the suburban house

Description : The restaurant seems to sit one more store in the province of Prato , China Village on the waterfront, customers can enjoy the cool comfort of the ready menu of delicious variety of food Thailand , food, seafood, or is it a style. Japan has unlimited options. The restaurant's menu , such as chicken with spicy mango , steamed seafood , fried vegetables , fish fry, mango salad , pork ribs, barbecue sauce , curry Cha Periwinkle , fish, salt burn, etc. , that do not have to worry about. Quality and taste Ensure that the price is correct as well .

Address : Soi Mu Ban Phan Phan 4, Si Maha Phot Sub-district Si Maha Phot District Prachinburi

Phone Number : 09 9449 8099

Website : https : // www . facebook . com / rimbaan

Namhaeng Phochana (Fah Mui)

Description : Old delicious restaurant in the city of Prachinburi , although a small shop in the booth building But I would say that the taste of the food is not lost at all. There are many delicious menus to choose from such as Shrimp Cake , Stir Fried Mimosa , Spicy Juice , Fried Clams , Basil Basil , Tom Yum, River Prawn , Ho Chee and Fried Pork Bone. Each dish is said to be cooked with good quality ingredients. Whoever has eaten must be impressed with the taste and taste.

Address : Suwannason Road, Old City Subdistrict Kabin Buri District Prachinburi

Phone Number : 037-480 500

Website : https : // www . facebook . com / NumHeang1 /

Betong Chicken Noodle

Description : Let's say that is another noodle shop. Whoever comes to Prachinburi should not miss it because of the delicious taste. There are various menus to choose from, such as " Beef noodles combined", the machine is tight, the taste is highlighted in the shop, carefully selected raw materials , "Braised chicken noodles", delicious taste of stewed chicken feet. The food was great fun , "noodles, dumplings, dry unkempt" is a soup can or sauce red but the addition to the noodles are then also have rice, pork , chicken and rice, pork accepted that if the order to eat it. Must be attracted

Address : Suwannason Road, Noen Hom Sub-district, Mueang District, Prachin Buri Prachinburi

Phone Number : 08 1383 6070 , 06 3151 2477

Website : -

Herbal Noodle Shop, Khun Tor

Description : This restaurant 's dish is at the soup that is simmered with herbs. Plus the traditional frozen pork stew with ribs Feel the time t according to a crunchy chew it joyously are noodles dishes to try, such as noodles, braised pork , noodles, marinated pork. Or will be a scalding style That comes with a delicious sauce that the restaurant has prepared itself Delicious until the spoon is barely cut down Besides the delicious noodle menu There is also a menu of Thai desserts to eat like "Krongkhong ". Soft dough. Concentrated coconut milk Both sweet and mellow

Address : Prachin Anuson Road Na Mueang Sub-district Mueang Prachin Buri District Prachinburi

Phone Number : 08 7966 4262

Website : -

Che Mali Shop Vietnamese Food

Description : I like to eat Vietnamese food I visited this restaurant say that does not disappoint because it is replenished with a delicious menu that offers unlimited rides such as spicy pork skins , spring rolls and Vietnamese , sour, fresh , mouth pot, Vietnamese , sour due. And crayfish wrapped in sugarcane etc. Each menu is packed with deliciousness and quality. Whoever can try to eat is a must. In addition to food and beverage outlets to choose from a wide assortment of coffee , tea, lemonade , tea, peach , honey, lemon , milk, cold , green tea , Chrysanthemum, and other comment is another famous restaurants of the province that need. come get it anyway

Address : Moo 1, Damri Municipal Road, Soi 10, Tambon Mueang, Prachinburi

Phone Number : 08 1699 8051

Website : -

Aku Kitchen

Description : You just have to visit the restaurant to the Kabin Buri. That no matter who passed - came Must come and try to eat together Because of the delicious taste that has been tasted Said that the same voice "No disappointment" at this store, he Providing customers with menu tasting non-stop, like chili crab, eggs , fish Louis Park , sour Cha eggs , fish, fried herbs , fried mushrooms Origin shrimp , fish, fried celery. And three layers of fried, etc.

Address : Nong Ki Subdistrict, Kabin Buri District Prachinburi

Phone Number : 08 3 966 9997

Website : -

Ban Rim Nam, Prachin Buri

Description : Another waterfront restaurant, known as Prachin Buri , is located along the banks of the Prachinburi River. The food is delicious and the restaurant is also decorated by interior of the restaurant is divided into two zones, the upper and lower layers of the upper floors overlooking the waterfront widely popular eyeball the bottom would sit next to the water's edge. In close proximity, whoever likes to go, will sit and eat delicious food to enjoy.

Address : Na Mueang Sub-district, Mueang District, Prachin Buri Province 25000

Phone Number : 037-212 797

Website : -

Restaurant dining hour delay

Description : If looking for a delicious atmosphere at the waterfront "Chom Chon Restaurant" answers you immediately. There is a corner to choose to sit comfortably. Both air-conditioned rooms Outdoor zone with natural wind And the floating houseboat Every menu that is ordered is the papaya salad, crab meat, spicy, sour, with sesame sauce mixed with crispy papaya. Serve with a delicious boiled rice vermicelli. The next popular menu was the glass seaweed salad that brought the konjac line, squeezed ink mixed with custard sauce. Followed by fish menu Sweet, fresh meat Used to cook as a famous menu such as fried fish with fish sauce Tom Yam fish Delicious until made to order. Steamed rice is almost impossible. 

Address : 3079 Tambon Tha Ngam, Mueang District, Prachin Buri , Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037 - 21 2313 , 08 7132 4283

Website : https : // www . facebook . com / pages / Chomchon Restaurant - Prachinburi / 159773457492967

Lak Muang, Prachin Buri Chicken Rice

Description : Main city, chicken rice Famous chicken rice shop Prachinburi province of the cool things open on the long tradition of delicious generation to generation until the top. Other delicious Prachinburi Province to the store to decorate simple. Focus on friendly service Conclude if anyone is a fan of chicken rice. Try to taste this restaurant once. Ensure that it is delicious until you have to eat many times. Of course.

Address : 88 Na Muang Road, Na Mueang Sub-district Prachin Buri Province 25000

Phone Number : 037-211 044

Website : -