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25 July 2019 posted: 10:11 pm

Museum located in Suk Suwan, Prachin Buri

Description : Located about 6 kilometers from the city of Prachin Buri, the surrounding area Surrounded by greenery , beautiful beach, numerous little building there. Allocated exhibit space, tools, antique into four buildings are featured on plenty of huge , which hangs in every area on the ceiling around the museum more than 10 , 000 satellites , which are produced from various countries like UK, USA, Sweden, Hong Kong, China and Australia. Thailand etc.

Address : 135 Prachin Takham Road Dong Khilek Subdistrict, Mueang District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 08 1295 8218

Website : http : // www . yusuksuwan . com / history . php

Emerald Pool Ruins, Prachin Buri

Description : "Ruins of Emerald Pool - Buddha Footprints" has been declared as an important national antiquity in the year 1935. In the past, laterite pieces were moved to break down to create a temple of various temples. In this area, such as Sakhoi Temple, Ton Pho Temple, Wat Muang Khao, Khok Pip Temple, etc. Later, when excavating this historic site Causing various traces From the layout of the building Adapting the characteristics of Aroi Sala Or the Suk Sala in ancient times, there was a large pond in the east Before entering the building, there will be a small pond on the right. There is a kopura or an arch in the east, pulling out the two sides of a wall. Inside the left is a collection of texts or scriptures. Within the center is the president's pagoda. Which is often enshrined in the Bodhisattva Phaisasakuru Waiyudhaprapa, a cure

Address : Sa Morakot Temple, Khok Pip Subdistrict, Si Mahosot District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037 - 276084

Website : -

Wat Kaew, Phichit, Prachin Buri

Description : Is an old temple built in the year 2422, in the reign of King Rama IV. Later in the year 1918, the temple was built and added to the architectural style. And decorative buildings blend between art and experience Thailand, Cambodia, China, Europe and the interesting things inside the temple and temple walls, exterior stucco Ramayana. Painting on sheets of cloth about Buddhism stories, such as Thatsat Chadakam Phram, made by the royal technician in the reign of King Rama VI. In front of the temple, there is a Thai school building for the devil. Pali is a concrete building in the shape of a dome of Greek or Roman art. In addition, within the Kaew Phichit Temple, there is also the Tripitaka Hall. And the pavilion at the bay

Address : The right bank of the Bang Pakong River Kaew Phichit Road Na Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037 - 212 759

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Mueang Si Mahosot Archaeological Site, Prachin Buri

Description : Is a large ancient Dvaravati city With an oval or square shape. The corner fabric has an area of approximately 700 rai. The city features a moat and an embankment. The city wall surrounds the moat. Within the city, there are over 100 ancient ruins, ponds, scattered ponds, presumably built in Dvaravati. Most of the evidence found is often associated with Brahmin or Hindu religions such as temples, temples, Siwaleng, important historical sites in the city of Si Mahosot. The age of the 18th century Buddhist era is the temple group Base with laterite Brick top The back has a laterite pond. The age of the 11th-12th century

Address : Ban Khok Wat, Khok Pip Subdistrict, Si Mahosot District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037 - 312282 , 037 - 312284

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Prachinburi National Museum

Description : Is a place to collect artifacts found in Prachin Buri Province And provinces in the eastern region Located behind the old town hall, collecting a large number of artifacts. From the prehistoric period to the end of Rattanakosin, such as stone tools, crackers, Hindu idols Lord Vishnu wears a cylindrical hat, a lilac, a lintel and a bronze pedestal, as well as Thai underwater archeology found from under the sea. Khram, Chonburi and other places

Address : Na Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Prachin Buri , Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037-211 586

Website : -

Dvaravadee Sri Prachin Buddha Sirinthorn World

Description : A statue Nacprk can be seen from afar because it is located on a hill not far from the town of Prachin Buri is the Buddha's visit to Prachin Buri will need to pay homage to the sacred, located in Memorial Park He Ito. Reproduction from the Buddha image, Dvaravati period Big Nakhprang Buddha statue, size 14.9 meters, higher than 34 meters, built to honor Somdet Phra Kanitthathiraj Department of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn On the occasion of the 60th Birthday Anniversary 5th April 2nd of 2558.

Address : Khao I To Waterfall Buddhist Park, Noen Hom Sub-district, Mueang District, Prachin Buri, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037 - 454005 - 6

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Phan Hin Archaeological Site

Description : Is an archaeological site That is made with a large square laterite Standing on all four sides All aspects Built in pieces, with an inverted lotus, a lotus leaf, and a cornice The upper part is a room. There is a bell neck or an optical base. The Lord Vishnu's hand is found. The Sangh, the green sandstone and the clay pottery, presumably enshrined the Vishnu statue of the age of the 12th-century Buddhist era. In the reign of Jayavarman 1 of Jala, in the middle of the wreck of the temple, there is a base of idols which were originally on the side. Is similar to Phan, therefore called Phan Phan, also found laterite spheres Extraction is base-oriented .

Address : Moo 6, Nong Phrong Sub-district, Si Maha Phot District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : -

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Phra Khru Uthai Thammathari Museum

Description : Phra Khru Uthai Thammathari (Seng Sukhito) Museum was born from the intention of Phra Khru Uthai Thammathari (Seng Sukito), the former abbot of Pa Ma Fai Temple. Who want to exhibit ancient artifacts and collectibles that you have received from kith and kin and believers Including all items of the temple The museum began in the year 2536 until completion in the year 2000 and delivered the museum building, including all the internal display items, in the care of the army. With the Chakrabongse camp as a direct responsibility agency

Address : Ban Phra Subdistrict, Mueang District, Prachin Buri , Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037-212240-2

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Sri Maha Pho Tree

Description : In the area of ​​Wat Ton Pho Si Maha Phot Khok Pip Subdistrict, a large Bodhi tree Assumed that it is an offshoot of the Sri Maha Phot tree. Place of enlightenment from Bodh Gaya India is over 2 , 000 years old, which was first planted. The trunk, measuring around 20 meters, about 30 meters high, with a diameter of about 25 meters, is the only tree that the Fine Arts Department announced to register the National Historic Site. Believing that Phra Sri Maha Phot is the oldest in Thailand.

Address : Khok Pip Subdistrict, Si Mahosot District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 09 0380 0654

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Phranak Park, Prachinburi

Description : The Naga Park or the National Park of Luang Pu Sod, 4 clan Naga Palace, originated from Mr. Narong Pianphak Waen, or an artisan. Saw the great grandfather floating in the middle of a large pond Therefore initiated to follow his own vision and restored the rice fields to become a large pond. With a large statue of Luang Pu Sod at this pond. At present, many people come to pay homage to Including admiring the beauty of the art of the serpent statues that are beautifully towered Until rumored that this place was "Kham Chanot 3" in the midst of the way of faith

Address : 37/1 Moo 9, Ban Na Subdistrict, Kabin Buri District, Prachinburi Province

Phone Number : 09 2374 1196

Website : -