Invited to wade through adventurous trips in Prachinburi.

25 July 2019 posted: 10:12 pm

Than Rattana Waterfall

Description : A small waterfall hidden in the area of ​​Khao Yai National Park Thailand's first national park in the tourist type things, whether animal, bird watching, hiking, whitewater rafting, scenic waterfalls and a short distance. Including rock climbing Especially at Than Rattana Waterfall Because the area under the waterfall has a vast valley There are waterfalls and flower fields that will bloom during the flower season, but this valley has no forest path. So difficult to reach for the popular activity here is abseiling on a cliff with a height of several hundred meters And must sprinkle up to 4 floors. Each floor has a different level of slope and height, therefore it is considered a measure of the mind of tourists who like a lot of challenges.

Address : Khao Yai National Park, Noen Hom Sub-district, Mueang District, Prachin Buri , Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037-312282 , 037-312284

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Than Thip Waterfall

Description : Than Thip Waterfall is a small waterfall that flows along different levels of rocks before falling from a cliff about 5 meters high. It is a fascinating natural image. Invites anyone who wants to experience the icy cold drop of water on a rock in a wide area, some areas are narrow, deep pools. Makes contact with various nature Can go to swim and have a space to sit and relax The surrounding greenery of the forest is still plenty left as well.

Address : Ban Noen Hin Tang, Tambon Nong Kaeo, Prachantakham District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037 - 312282

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Khao Ito Waterfall

Description : Khao Ito Waterfall Located in Khao Too Forest Park Is a stream of water that flows throughout the year with water only during the rainy season The highlight of Khao Eto Waterfall lies in the stream flowing down to a level , passing through small rocks and strange shapes. Amidst the pure forest of the forest By tourists Able to sit and relax in the rocks of the waterfall And can experience the water flowing through the rocks in the most intimate way Inside the waterfall There will be large trees. That swapped up forever Help shade The atmosphere and the attention quite humid with little wind to light any round temperate climate. Create happiness for relaxation as well

Address : Moo 14, Ban Phra Subdistrict, Mueang District, Prachin Buri, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037 - 312282 , 037 - 312284

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Abe Ea Waterfall

Description : Abe Ea Waterfall Is a waterfall about 25 meters high, upstream from the Chang Klan Canal, flows down to the basin below And go to the steep cliff The water flows through a large beautiful water curtain. In the rainy season the water will be very In the dry season, the water is small but clean. There is a viewpoint on the top. The bottom is a pool that can go to swim. Nature-loving tourists Can ride a bicycle, visit a waterfall, and can still camp, but must contact the staff of Khao Yai National Park The equipment and music at facilities on their own.

Address : National Guard Vehicle Protection Unit No. 11, Pho Ngam Subdistrict, Prachantakham District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 02-561-0777 ext. 1723

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Weluwan Waterfall

Description : A small waterfall on a cliff about 80 meters popular sport rappelling year 's cliff by every February 14 of each year a special event was recorded loved the cliff. For Khukrak who wants to save Share memories Registered marriage between abseiling from the cliff To make the family life strong as a rock

Address : 201 Moo 4, Ban Pha Ngam, Bu Phram Subdistrict, Na Di District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037-486-771

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Nong Tabaek Waterfall

Description : Another waterfall In the midst of the forest and rarely I went to the waterfall is located upstream of Kaeng Hin penthouse when it comes to the entrance area, which is conserved. Will have to walk on foot, the path is quite wide, comfortable Parallel to the waterfall stream and will hear some water flowing Which requires Whether the sound of flowing water will gradually invade the forest through the entrance to the waterfall and distance to walk about one kilometer into play when it comes to water cascades down like a river that flows into the province. The spillways in the dam for irrigation of around it.

Address : Moo 7 , Saphan Hin Subdistrict, Na Di District, Prachin Buri Province

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Som Poi Waterfall

Description : Is a waterfall that is not very high Flowing through the rapids The distance is about 400 meters. Located not far from Than Thip Waterfall. Some periods flow through a wide stone courtyard. Some periods are deep pools. Can swim There is a stone patio for relaxing. The left bank of the stream looks quite steep. The general condition is still a forest that maintains natural abundance. Shady atmosphere Suitable as a place to relax as well.

Address : Ban Khao Noi, Bu Fai Subdistrict, Prachantakham District Prachinburi

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Kaeng Saladai

Description : The rapids flow along the large mountain valleys with rapids flowing in the rainy season. Is a waterfall with a wide rapids With a suspension bridge across From Takhro Waterfall, there is a footpath for about 2 kilometers to reach Salad Salai Waterfall. It is a beautiful waterfall. The left side of the stream is a hill. On the right side is a sparse forest. Suitable for walking and resting Clear water in the basin Can play

Address : Moo 8 Tam Bor Bu Fai, Prachantakham District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 08 9913 5058 , 08 1755 4852

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Kaeng Hin Phoeng

Description : Is a beautiful large rock rapids in the clear water Is a famous tourist destination that is suitable for challenging and enjoyable rubber cruises. During the rainy season around July - November exhibit a wide range in the amount of water flowing rapids and cascades flowing layers. Ideal for rafting, rock shack by the river, with difficulty levels that are 3-5 on a total length of over 4.5 kilometers, which takes the adventure on the river approximately two hours by tourists are. Start the excitement at the first rapids. "Kaeng Hin Phoeng", which is a large river There is a broken stone courtyard that has been poured down, causing The water flowing through the rocky rapids , a distance of more than 200 meters, requires a lot of skill and ability from the beginning.

Address : Saphan Hin Subdistrict, Na Di District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 037 312282 , 037 312284

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Thap Lan National Park

Description : Is a national park with a part in the Phanom Dong Rak mountain range And the second largest in the country With a height of 992 meters above sea level, the park also offers a huge mountain less complicated mountains households in the neighborhood , many children also provides a way to bring the eye of both cruises, rafting in this park can be. Travel all year round Perfect for those who like adventure, take a picture that has a pretty small fish back home, of course!

Address : 520 Moo 1, Bu Phram Subdistrict, Na Di District, Prachin Buri Province

Phone Number : 0 37 - 48 6771 , 0 37 - 21 9408

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