King Naresuan the Great Shrine and Museum of Venerable Uhai Thammathari (Seng Sukhito)

           King Naresuan the Great Shrine was built as a memorial of “King Naresuan the Great” in the battle between Ayutthaya and Cambodia. The Shrine has been respectable for people in Prachin Buri and nearby provinces for many years.

           The Great King, who had exceptional skills in warring combat operations, was the one who restored Thai independence when Ayutthaya lost its independence and the City for the first time. This Shrine was built to commemorate King Naresuan the Great during the time he marched the army from Ayutthaya to subdue the King Satha Mahindharaja of Lavek, Cambodia and stopped the army at Noen Hom, the area which is now the location of the Shrine

           Within the Shrine, there are 3 statues of King Naresuan the Great. The statue of King Naresuan the Great in a standing position is situated in the main Shrine, when the left and right Shrines enshrine the statue of King Naresuan the Great in the position of pouring the water from the golden goblet to the earth to declare the independence from Myanmar.

            Many worshipers visit the Shrine for prosperity and to make a wish for things to always be successful.  When their wishes come true, they have to redeem their vows with chicken, so the Shrine is always full of chicken figures.

            Not far from here, is the location of Museum of Venerable Uhai Thammathari (Seng Sukhito), where antiques, collectables donated by the Buddhist people, items from the temple, as well as objects that were made to imitate ancient art pieces, are preserved. There are over 900 pieces of archaeological objects, such as bronze bracelets, pottery, ceramics Various Buddha images, Thai coins, and ancient coins of neighboring countries. Currently, the museum is under the care of the Royal Thai Army, with Chak Kraphong Military Camp in charge.

Contact Information

Location : Tambon Ban Phra, Mueang District, Prachin Buri, 25230

Opening Hours : Opens every day from 08.00-17.00 hrs.

Phone Number : 037-312282, 037-312284

Direction : By Car From Bangkok, head to Dinso Road, and take Highway 9 toward Lamlukka/Bang Pa-In. Then, heading toward Highway 305 in order to get to Suwannasorn Road, keep left for a little bit and you will see King Naresuan the Great Shrine. The approximate distance is 135 km.

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