Kaewpijitra Temple

           Kaewpijitra Temple is the first Dhammyuttika temple in Prachin Buri that was established in 1879 during the reign of King Chulachomklao. Its unique architecture is a perfect mixture of Thai, Chinese, Cambodian, and French arts and cultures. Kaewpijitra Temple is known for its gorgeous Ubosot that was built by Chao Phraya Abhipubase. It was then renovated with red and pink bricks, carved with beautiful patterns. It is the only place in Thailand that is filled with various art styles. Thai art presented in this temple includes Cho Fa, Bai Raka, and Hang Hong. Chinese art displayed in this place is the green dragon statues. Corinthian order is French art, and the Kaew Arch was inspired by Cambodian art.

            In the Ubosot situated the principal Buddha image, which was named “Luang Por Abhaiwong or Luang Por Abhai” by King Chulachomklao. The named was given in the honor of Chao Phraya Abhipubase who built the temple. There are also paintings on the cloth sheets that tell stories about Buddhism. Visitors can enjoy interpreting Buddha's philosophy like the unreliable clock on the Reun Kaew Arch.

            In front of the Ubosot is the Greek-Roman building that hosts a Pali school. The Living Museum is al in this building with many interesting things such as the royal handwriting on a laterite stone, antique Buddha images, antique items, and models showing model show ways of living in the community.

Contact Information

Location : Kaewpijitra Road, Tambon Na Muang, Muang Prachin Buri District, Prachin Buri

Opening Hours : Opens daily between 07.00 - 18.00 hrs.

Phone Number : 037-212795

Direction : By Car From Bangkok, heading to the city, then take highway 3071 or Rat Damri Road. Head toward the City Hall and cross the bridge to the City Hall. Turn left to Kaewpijitra Road, keep going along Bang Pakong River for about 2 kilometers. The temple will be on your right, right next to the riverbank with a vivid direction sign.

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