Wat Rattananataram

            Rattanathanaram Temple It is unique and strange with the use of shells that have been left behind. Come back to make good use of it completely Create beauty for the temple By the skill of the abbot, monk and novice to offer as a worshiping Buddha. The three-season Phra Phra Kaew or Mondop building is created with a variety of sea shells stacked into a harmonious pattern. Within the mandapa is even more unusual Because the clams or large clams and conch shells are lined To be a small flower shape Including ceiling, pillars and walls as well Above the Phra Kaew tower enshrined the Emerald Buddha Buddha Ratanamongkol conquer To allow people to come and pay homage to blessings

           There is also a royal serpent. Long body surrounded by the Phra Kaew three-season tower And the amazing thing is that the scales of the serpent were made entirely of shells, Rahu cave Within the enshrined Lord Gulalum Decorated with beautiful shells throughout the cave, the bell tower area And the Buddha's Garden was created to become a Buddha's place. With both the Prang nativity, the dharma, and the elaborate shells as well

Contact Information

Location : Samphanta Subdistrict, Nadi District, Prachinburi

Opening Hours : Open daily 07.00 - 18.00

Phone Number : -

Direction : By car From Bangkok, drive from the Si Rat Expressway, Road 7, Road 314 and Road 304 to Sam Pan Ta Subdistrict, take 188 kilometers and drive for 1.3 kilometers to Wat Rattanatetaram. Using a total distance of 189 km

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