Bang Krabao Temple

           Bang Krabao Temple or Luang Por Jaad Temple, the famous Buddhist monk is the first royal temple in Prachin Buri, a peaceful Buddhist temple alongside Bang Pakong River. Luang Por Jaad Mondop is the highlight of Bang Krabao Temple. The realistic sculpture of Luang Por Jaad is situated inside the Mondop, along with two other sculptures of the famous Buddhist monks. Luang Por Jaad became famous during the Indochina War as he had consecrated shirts for the soldiers, and people said that they were bullets and sword proof. In the Mondop, people can make a donation in different ways, such as donating coins accordingly to their birthdays, and via donation post, a machine that automatically makes monk blessing sound when people insert cash.

           H.M.King Chulachomklao once visited Bang Krabao Temple to offer a meal to Laung Por Jaad as well as a Chinese wooden boat with a roof. Close to Luang Por Jaad Mondop, the boat is now being displayed to visitors  

           Not far from the temple, thousands of fruit bats have been living there since Luang Por Jaad was still alive, which means that the area is abundant. These bats are also another peak of Bang Krabao Temple. Even though many decades have passed, Bang Krabao Temple is still a peaceful place and a sacred place that keeps Buddhism growing.

Contact Information

Location : Tambon Bang Krabao, Ban Sang District, Prachin Buri

Opening Hours : Opens daily between 07.00 - 18.00 hrs.

Phone Number : 037-577077

Direction : By Car From Bangkok, take Sirat Expressway, Highway 7, Chao Khun Thahan Road, Chalong Krung Road, and Highway 3481 to your destination in Tambon Bang Krabao. Continue on the road for about 1.4 km., and Bang Krabao Temple will be on your left.

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