Abhaibhubejhr Thai Herbal Medicine Museum and Abhaibhubejhr Day Spa

          Abhaibhubejhr Thai Herbal Medicine Museum was established in 1909. The building was built in Baroque architectural style to be the reception palace for King Rama V; however, the king had passed away before it finished. Then, the building was used as a reception hall for King Rama VI and other royal families.

          The building now is functioned as an archive of Thai traditional medical. Apart from the biography section regarding Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr, it gathers wide ranges of traditional Thai medicine knowledge, including Thai medicine reservation, Thai herbal medicine textbooks, folk medicine, and ancient wooden equipment and tools used for making medicine in King Rama V's period. A traditional Thai drugstore Pho Ngoen – Abhaibhubejhr's Medicine is located in the right-wing of the building. Pho Ngern still maintains an ambience of a historical drugstore with ancient medical cabinets, drug counter, herbs cabinet, glass jars used for macerating herbs, and a countless of herbal medicine. Visitors can also buy the processed herbal medicine of Abhaibhubejh Brand.

        If visitors still have some time left after exploring the museum, it is encouraged to go to Abhaibhubejhr Day Spa. It is a mixed style of Thai traditional style and folk medicine style, combined with the Western civilization style. The spa focuses on overall health restoration. They also provide healthy food and beverage particularly for those who are interested.

Contact Information

Location : 32/7 Moo 12, Tambon Tha Ngam, Mueang Prachin Buri District, Prachin Buri, 25000

Opening Hours : Opens daily from 8.30 - 16.00 hrs.

Phone Number : 037-211 289, 037-211 088

Direction : By Car – From Bangkok, take the Rangsit - Ongkharak - Nakhon Nayok – Prachin Buri route. Entering Muang Prachin Buri via Rural Road Prachin Buri 2033, then turn into Prachin Anuson Road. Continue for 2.5 kilometers, and Abhaibhubejhr Hospital will be on the right. By Bus – There are many buses on Bangkok - Nakhon Nayok – Prachin Buri route with and without A/C. The buses leave Morchit (Northern) Bus Terminal multiple rounds per day, every day.

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