Ban Dong Krathong Yam

             Ban Dong Krathong Yam is located on the giant hill in the middle of an open field and surrounding with bunches of trees, which is called “Dong Krathong Yam.”  The majority of the population are the descendants of Tai Puan lineage who migrated to Prachin Buri and have brought outstanding tradition and culture to this village. The 3 distinctive characteristics of Ban Dong Krathong Yam are Puan alphabets, which can be seen in the script made from Talipot palm, Puan language that is currently spoken among the elderlies, and the Puan traditions that Puan people still preserve and practice every year, such as, Boon Khao Lam tradition. Moreover, there is the Thai Puan Museum in the village where the ancient objects of villagers in the community were preserved. The Antiquities that are the important archaeological evidence are three Buddha statues, which was told that it had been brought from Vientiane. There is also costumes of the Tai Puan for tourists to try on. Due to the unique cultural heritage, Ban Dong Homestay was ranked the 5th best homestays in Thailand. Visitors can experience the local way of life, the atmosphere of the country through various activities including watching how Prachin Aromatic Rice is processed, bicycling and sightseeing around the village, and tasting affordable Tai-Puan food. Ban Dong Krathong Yam is also known as the city that makes various styles of sieves, which is local wisdom and the products are able to be exported to Japan, Taiwan. Ban Dong Krathong Yam is also selected as one Tambon one product Village at a national level.



Contact Information

Location : Ban Dong Krathong Yam, Si Maha Pho District, Prachin Buri

Opening Hours : Opens every day from 08.00-16.30 hrs.

Phone Number : 081-7203020

Direction : By Car From Bangkok, take Sirat Expressway, Highway 7, Highway 314, Highway 304, and Rural Road PBR.3070. Heading toward Tambin Hua Wa for 139 km., then take Talad Road that leads to Ban Dong Krathong Yam. The overall distance is about 145 km.

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